Citinir is a project born from a double contradictory observation The traders (small businesses : Greengrocer bakery, restaurants…)

in France have not yet entered the digital age, whereas their customers are more and more connected 

Target and challenge

Citinir is a solution for merchants of proximity to accompany them in the digitization of their activity

Problems solved

The client want a  solution with   covid crisis has shown an attachment of the French to their life as a neighborhood incarnate for the « small businesses » which are less and less frequented.

 accessible from a website, an application mobile or tablet designed to provide merchants with all the advantages of the Internet (online sales, visibility on the Internet, etc.)

internet but also the advantages of a management tool (inventory management, CRM, accounting management).

With  Citinir , customers will be able to continue to enliven the life of theirs neighbourhood and to support merchants by making purchases, reserving tables, or by benefiting from promotions

The main screens

 Choose market that the customer looking for to purchase or order to be delivered or pick up and eat in site if restaurant offers this service

Customize your food

In this example we show some features, that we added for restaurant, with some research with users, we discover that many of our audience likes to customize their meals

Pertinent Data

Show all relevant information to user according to the choice, distance, if he wants to dine  in. And number of free places due to Covid-19. Tracking the order in real time 

Trader dashboard

Allow to traders to get a glance, or a pig picture about all orders  and available products in real time, and get and idea about sales in the week with using  data visualization


The App could be used as a cash register to keep all data about products and sales



I worked on this project as a Product  designer. Main areas of responsibility: 

  • Management (sprint planning and weekly reviews)
  • UX analysis (flows and persona)
  • Design(app mobile, tablet, website)
  • Lo-fi prototyping (basic flow)
  • UX  Research (with users and traders)

 « Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. design is how it works »  – Steve Jobs

 « Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication » – Leonardo da Vinci

 « Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. » Albert Einstein

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