A mobile app that we redesigned to improve the sales for Christmas  The challenge is to design a mobile app for Shiseido brand


Target and challenge

Shiseido has obvious target, We focused to deliver a simple, easy, wonderful shopping experience for users. And to connect the physical sales point with the e-shop Increase withdrawals at the shop or at point of sale (POS) to encourage environmentally friendly to deliver (slow deliver) personalization interface


Problems solved

 Shiseido is a brand which offered a variety of cosmetic products of high quality, target mainly for adults women. The brand has a website already but to connect the physical sales point with the e-shop we have worked to develop a mobile app that allows a good user experience and make known the brand more in the sale point like Sephora and Nocibé…



One of the biggest benefits of a wireflow is the tool’s ability to visualize multiple progresses and their sequence into a single document with more than 40 screens. That help Stakeholders easily understand the workflow while finding out which step is unnecessary and which progress should be improved.


The main screens

 Our goals are to customize the interfaces for each user, by asking some pertinent information about skins, ages…  to propose customize service and  suitable  product that can be the same what the users are looking for



Details and product

 Users can filter reviews by similar other users that have the same characteristics  as skins gender and other….


Shipment tracking

 The user can choose where the product will be delivered, and  to favourite  the zero  impact carbon choice we set it to be delivered in point of sale  with free shipment. The real-time tracking provide the actual position of the carrier, but also a way to call the dispensary. Needless to say, the « Appelez-nous » 


With a team on 5 designer I worked on this project as a UX/UI designer Main areas of responsibility: 


  •  Design sprint 5 days
  • UX analysis (flows, ideation  persona and prototype )
  • User testing

 « Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. design is how it works »  – Steve Jobs

 « Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication » – Leonardo da Vinci

 « Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity. » Albert Einstein

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